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Friday, February 1, 2013

This is a Test.

Ignore this post, I am just trying to check a new method of feeding my blog feed to my wall.

The content below is just stuff I use regularly, so I keep it in my back pocket.

This is why I call Barack Obama the worst constitutional law professor ever.

As Eric Falkenstein observes:

People who meticulously avoid email should not be trusted, because it is simply too calculating, as if they know they are regularly committing crimes. A phone conversation can always be disavowed, you just say you were talking about last weekend's bar mitzvah.


*Oh My F%$#ing Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Draw by Crayon Libertarian*

*Not my bon mot. It's from the always entertaining Andrew Orlowski of The Register.

"whacko, my parents are first cousins, X-Files wannabe, black helicopter, tinfoil hat wearing, stupid, dim-witted, thinks pro wrestling is real," lunatic,*

*Sorry, I think that I just channeled the comedian Denis Leary.

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Alexei Sayle Quotes, Sayings, Remarks, Thoughts and Speeches

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

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It's an easier to remember name.